Top 5 Offbeat Monsoon Destinations In India – A Virtual Tour Amid Covid

Finally, that time of the year has arrived when the rain god smile upon us showering monsoon rains across country. After braving through the scorching heat during the summers, the fresh smell of soil laced with rain-drops entices us all to pack our bags and go on a family vacation. However, with the continuing onslaught of Covid-19 and 3rd wave feared to be around, it’s still not conducive to hang-out. So here we bring in a virtual tour to Top 5 Offbeat Monsoon Destinations in India with Covid-19 protocols adherence.

Top 5 Offbeat Monsoon Destinations In India
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Digital Vidya: Empowering Marketing Professionals In Advanced Digital Marketing

It is estimated that In India, the digital ad revenue will be worth almost Rs 540 billion by fiscal year 2024, while the television and print ad revenues are projected to reach about Rs 455 billion and Rs 276 billion rupees respectively. These numbers clearly show that India is heading towards a digital advertising future. In such a scenario, it is imperative for a conventional marketer to upgrade digital marketing skills. Digital Vidya is playing a crucial role in empowering marketing professionals in advanced digital marketing.

Digital Vidya Digital Marketing
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